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A uniquely hands' on approach ...

Let's Have Coffee!

Our first one hour meeting to create a plan for the college application process! Appropriate for students from all grades, from high school freshmen through rising and current seniors. Parents are welcome and encouraged to join!


Complimentary - Zoom or Dining Room

Uncommon Essays

I understand that a student's Personal Essay for the Common, Coalition, or university-specific application is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of the admissions process, but it doesn't have to be. Bring your ideas, rough drafts, dreams, and passions and lets put together an award-winning statement that will WOW the university admissions big wigs!


 Zoom or Dining Room 

Sunday Bootcamp

Sunday Bootcamp is an Uncommon College App student and parent fav and an economical way to access our services! Your student has the opportunity to "drop in" and work on their applications, chat about the process with their peers, have coffee / tea and a snack, and just focus on college admissions without any of the distractions that can make the process harder .


Personal Essay and resume MUST be completed prior to attending a Sunday Bootcamp session!


Packages of 6 sessions - Dining Room 


2023 application season "drop in" bootcamps will run every Sunday from September to November

It's A Numbers Game
Put Your Best Foot Forward

An Uncommon College Apps specialty! Many universities and most scholarship applications - as well as internship opportunities - require students to have an up-to-date resume. The reason for prioritizing the resume is because it's the template upon which a student's college applications are built. I will give you a checklist of information to bring and you will leave with a PDF, a version to edit and update at will, and five laser printed copies of your brand spanking new resume on pricy paper in snazzy covers! 


 Zoom or Dining Room 

Most high schools, as well as several area nonprofits, offer free instructional "FAFSA Nights" throughout the fall. I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity. 

Once a student has filed the FAFSA and all additional aid and scholarship applications and receives their offers, I am available to sit down with both student and parents to crunch numbers, compare offers, and calculate actual costs of attendance for all schools a student is considering. Usually the winner becomes clear (and pretty quickly, too) if we take a level-headed and practical approach. 


 Zoom or Dining Room 

The Whole Enchilada
Ready, Set, Go!

With this package we will complete a student's Personal Essay, college resume, build a working college list, select recommendation writers, and creat your Common (or Coalition) Application account. If a student plans to qualify for Florida Bright Futures we will make an account, and if the school uses Naviance we will link it to the Common App. We will then complete 10 to 12 Common (or Coalition) applications for the individual schools of your choice.


This package is affordable and is a great start to the admissions process. It is, however, only recommended for students that are highly organized with hands' on parental support for the second half of the admissions process (and if that doesn't work out you can always re-hire me by paying the balance of The Whole Enchilada)!


 Zoom or Dining Room

Pick 5!

Once a student's Personal Essay and resume are finished, and the general Common / Coalition Application account is complete, it's time to start filling out each individual college application. This package can be purchased several times until all applications are complete (an average of 8 to 15 applications are submitted by most students)


Zoom or Dining Room


May include honors college apps and supplemental essays

We won't lie - the entire college application process is at best time-consuming and at worse exceedingly challenging. Investing in your student's future by making sure the entire process - Personal Essay, resume, building your college list, Common and / or Coalition Application accounts and applications, other university applications, letters or recommendation requests, honors college essays & applications, FAFSA, Florida Bright Futures, service hour logs, SSARs, Naviance - you name it - WILL GET DONE!


This is most bang for your buck - trust me when I say your student will get a minimum of 50 hours of time invested in their college admissions process, along with a personal cheerleader, shameless nag, and an extra mom whose only job is to get YOUR student into college. This is beyond "applications to acceptance letters" hands' on help, and my personal favorite. I cultivate a real relationship with each of my Enchilada students, most of whom I gladly mentor way beyond their freshman year of college.


We consider all offers, make a commitment, finalize aid, choose housing / meal plan, schedule orientation, order final high school transcripts, and do WHATEVER it takes for each student to arrive at school HAPPY and fully prepared to SUCCEED


June to June - Zoom or Dining Room


This package includes annual resume updates throughout college!

Al A Carte Services

Requesting letters of recommendation, completing the SSAR, coaching and editing of all supplemental and honors essays, plugging all schools into Naviance, filing for Florida Bright Futures, logging service hours, making resume updates, scholarship applications, etc - anything your student needs unless you purchased The Whole Enchilada (in which case this is all included, plus the nagging!)  


Zoom or Dining Room


Cannot be applied to the Personal Essay or student resume process  

QuestBridge Applications

Every year I help one student complete a QuestBridge Application because it is my belief that college needs to be accessible and affordable for EVERYONE. The applicant needs to be recommended by their school's guidance counselor and be prepared to spend a minimum of three Sundays attending Boot Camp in order to gather all the material necessary for this opportunity - pro bono with referral / guidance counselors are welcome to contact me directly


Dining Room only

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